About Slavíček Golf Academy


Why were the Zbraslav Golf Academy, Loreta Golf Academy, Čertovo břemeno Golf Academy and Darovanský dvůr Golf Academy established?

  • We believe that school education and children's sport preparation process will be interconnected in the future.  
  • The goal of our project and our vision is to establish a close cooperation with all types of schools within the region where we are located. In Zbraslav for example, this involves cooperation with the Secondary Grammar School of Ota Pavel in Radotín, Prague 5, with elementary schools in Radotín and Lipenice and with English-German Business Academy in Břevnov. We also regularly teach children from local Kindergartens how to play golf. This year we will begin cooperating with the Elementary school and Kindergarten in Pyšely and with other schools in the region. In Darov we will begin cooperating with the Elementary school Stupeň, Čertovo břemeno and with other schools as well.
  • We offer complete programmes – starting with preparation programmes all the way to top game training, as well as programmes for children who want to play golf only as a hobby.
  • We specialize in preparation of children between 5 and 18 years of age, but we can also train their parents and grandparents.
  • We strive to introduce golf to schools and closely cooperate with school directors in locations where we are present.
  • The essential prerequisite is the interest of both cooperating parties. That means, interest of our Academy and support and interest of the resort where we want to make our presence. This is the alpha and omega of success. Both parties must perceive education of young children as a key and highly prestigious task.
  • We know that golf is a sport as any other and our task is (the most challenging task) to gradually remove the "snobby" label from golf. We have been building our team of golf and fitness trainers for years now. We also closely cooperate with physiotherapists and a sport psychologist. First, we want to make sure that our children are healthy (therefore we have fitness and compensation training) and then we want our children to find golf interesting and make sure that children who are talented may pursue their golf career as professional golfers all the way to the top.  The time in which we live today, is full of dangers and risks (drugs and other addictive substances and critical lack of "movement") and we want to set an example by offering healthy lifestyles and ways to spend leisure time.
  • This may be achieved only through high-quality cooperation and by building trust between children, parents and trainers.


Our location and conditions

  • In Loreta Golf Club Pyšely (opened in June 2013), where we begun our activities and opened our Academy on 1 July 2013, we have been using the championship PAR 72 golf course and high-quality driving range and other large practice areas. 
  • The winter preparation programme is done in the Indoor Erpet hall in Smíchov, and in other available indoor resorts.
  • We also organize selective events and gatherings for members of the Academy in Florida, Italy or Spain. 
  • For members of our Academy we also organize regular weekly summer camps held in one of the many golf resorts in the Czech Republic.
  • In Loreta Pyšely we organise for members of our Academy holiday (school vacation) courses with English classes. 
  • Before the main season (April) we also organize three-day or short-term training camps in one of the many Czech resorts. 
  • Members of Zbraslav Golf Academy, Loreta Pyšely Golf Academy, Darovanský dvůr Golf Academy and Čertovo břemeno Golf Academy enjoy excellent game conditions on champion golf courses in Zbraslav, Pyšely, Darovanský dvůr and Čertovo břemeno and may even represent Prague City Golf Club or Loreta Golf Club Pyšely, Darovanský dvůr Golf club and Čertovo břemeno Golf club in championships and tournaments


History and future of Slavíček Golf Academy

  • 2008 – establishment of Zbraslav Golf Academy (original name Alex Čejka Logical Golf Academy) offering preparation programmes, 20 children and 2 trainers
  • 2009 – 80 children and 5 trainers
  • 2010 – 100 children and 10 trainers
  • 2011 – 120 children. Beginning of cooperation with Ivan Lendl Golf Academy in Florida (in 2014 our cooperation will be reestablished but within a different scope)
  • 2012 – 125 children in all-year-round courses + 60 children in Kindergartens - 15 trainers. 
  • 2013 – establishment of SLAVÍČEK GOLF ACADEMY  -  offering four training centres: 

ZBRASLAV GOLF ACADEMY, LORETA PYŠELY GOLF ACADEMY,