Loreta voted as the Golf Course of the Year for the second time!


We are pleased that you chose Loreta for the second consecutive year as the Golf Course of the Year.

At this time, four years ago, we prayed to snow to melt down. The golf course hadn’t been sown, but we believed that in summer we would open. In mid-June we played the first nine holes, and a month later, the second nine holes. Since the first season, we have been trying to make you happy and to make you feel like at home. We perceive the Course of the Year award as an appreciation of the services we offer to you.  We are not and we will never be the most high-quality golf course in the Czech Republic. The golf course wasn’t built for such purposes.

We are pleased, as well, that out restaurant, golf professional Jakub Vazansky and training facilities were all ranked second in the voting. We strive to provide to our members, players and clients a good quality services every day. We have been starting the fifth season and at the beginning of every day, we always have the same goal. To indulge our guests by spending a beautiful day at golf and to see leave them with a big smile on their faces.