Green fee for 18 holes

Sunset fee and Morning Drive cannot be combined with other discounts.

Po - Út | Mon - Tue St - Pá | Wed - Fri So - Ne* | Sat - Sun*
1 290 Kč
1 590 Kč
1 890 Kč
Senior / Student
1 090 Kč
1 290 Kč
1 590 Kč
600 Kč
750 Kč
890 Kč
Sunset fee
Sleva 25 %
Morning Drive
  • Sunset fee = play as much as you can until it gets dark - start of sunset according to the current month
  • Morning Drive = OUR RECOMMENDATION! - 5 flights from 7:30, max for 2 players, max. HCP 36
  • *Saturday, Sunday + public holidays

Green fee for 9 holes

  • *Saturday, Sunday + public holidays

Definition of Green fee categories

Po - Út | Mon - Tue St - Pá | Wed - Fri So, Ne* | Sat, Sun*
790 Kč
990 Kč
1 190 Kč
Senior / Student
590 Kč
790 Kč
1 150 Kč
350 Kč
450 Kč
550 Kč
Kategorie | Category Věk | Age
18 - 62 let (bez statusu studenta)
0 - 17 years old
18 - 25 years old (valid student status)
63+ let

Pricelist of Driving Range and Rentals

Entrance to practice areas
Driving range balls
50 Kč / 30 míčů
Rental: 1 golf club
dospělý 200 Kč/dítě 100 Kč
Rental: Golf set with bag
500 Kč
Rental: Hand cart
200 Kč
Rental: Electric hand cart
450 Kč

Rental of buggy (at least 30 minutes before TT)

18 jamek | 18 holes 9 jamek | 9 holes / sunset
Mon - Sun
1 200 Kč
750 Kč
1 100 Kč
650 Kč

Discounts cannot be combined!


Tréninkové lekce

Session 25 minutes:

Nečlen | Not a member Swing, Swing Plus, Twist, Premium
550 Kč
500 Kč
  • Every additional person in training: + 100 Kč / session

Session 50 minutes:

Nečlen | Not a member Swing, Swing Plus, Twist, Premium
1 100 Kč
900 Kč
  • Every additional person in training: + 200 Kč / session

Tréninkový balíček

4 sessions:

Nečlen | Not a member Swing, Swing Plus, Twist, Premium
3 690 Kč
3 390 Kč

8 sessions:

Nečlen | Not a member Swing, Swing Plus, Twist, Premium
6 790 Kč
6 290 Kč

12 sessions:

Nečlen | Not a member Swing, Swing Plus, Twist, Premium
9 890 Kč
8 990 Kč

20 sessions:

Nečlen | Not a member Swing, Swing Plus, Twist, Premium
15 490 Kč
13 990 Kč
  • Every additional person in training: + CZK 200 Kč / session
  • Every package includes: a comprehensive analysis of your game and identification of the biggest mistakes, video analysis, measurement with radar equipment for accurate swing measurement, and regular testing of your skills as a matter of course.

Course: “GREEN CARD”

1 person: 9 900 Kč
2 people: 7 200 Kč / person

  • 11x 50-minute session including regular video analyses
  • Training balls on the driving range during training.
  • Rental of golf clubs.
  • 1x entrance to the course with a coach (for a total of 9 holes)
  • Focus on basic golf skills: short game, golf swing, rules, etiquette, course management.
  • Golf rules
  • Golf Proficiency Test (Green Card)

"GREEN CARD" play on the course test

Nečlen | Not a member
2 500 Kč
  • The price includes an etiquette test and a 9-hole game with a coach

For PREMIUM members with a maintenance fee, the same prices apply as for SWING Members

Conditions for Cancellation of Bookings

Dear clients. Please note that you can cancel a lesson reservation no later than 12 hours in advance and only by calling the coach.
If you cancel the reservation before this limit, there is no penalty. However, if you do not cancel the reservation by this time or do not arrive at the lesson without prior excusal, you will be charged a cancellation fee, which is the full amount of the lesson, and further lessons will only be possible after the cancellation has been paid. If you are taking lessons from a package, the lesson will be deducted from your package.

Thank you for your understanding.


Double room for 2 people with breakfast
2 450 Kč
Double room for 1 person with breakfast
1 990 Kč
Suite for 2 people with breakfast
2 550 Kč
Suite for 3 people with breakfast
2 950 Kč
Extra bed with breakfast
1000 Kč
Late check-out
500 Kč
Pet (dog, cat)
300 Kč

Snídaně : výběr ze snídaňového menu do hodnoty 300Kč na osobu

For the guests accommodated, a discount on FEE and buggies: (discount is from the counter price, discounts do not add up)

green fee 10%
buggy 10%

You may wonder what would happen if you join a club, but on the weekend you do not get to use the course because of a tournament. We are aware of the fact that not all of you have the opportunity to spend only weekdays playing golf. If you want to spend a weekend golfing with your family, we aim to accommodate you as much as possible. That's why we guarantee that you will be able to play on the course at the weekend.

  • Sunday is member's day at Loreta
  • Reservations for Sunday playing times will be preferentially offered to Premium members and their guests until 5 p.m. on Thursday
  • On Sundays, playing times are not sold for the purpose of hosting commercial tournaments
  • If there is a commercial tournament at Loreta (course rental outside of Sundays), any free playing times before the start and after the end of the tournament will primarily be offered to the Premium members
  • We start smaller golf tournaments (20-60 players) only with a rolling start from hole #1 and in most cases at 10:00 a.m. so that members have the opportunity to play before and after the tournament. In this way, we occupy the least requested times for the tournament on the given day.