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When introducing guests to our restaurant, we do not start with the words: "We prepare food from fresh ingredients". Fresh ingredients are the basis of good cooking, and we all know that. 

We prefer to start with the words "We cook with heart" and our primary goal is to satisfy the taste buds of all our guests before the game, after the game, after the win, but also after the bitter loss. We try to create a calm, inviting atmosphere in our restaurant. Thanks to this, everyone can feel at home and enjoy a beautiful day.

Our cuisine finds its basis in the old Czech recipes of our grandmothers which we combine with modern global cuisine, to provide popular slow food. Our proven suppliers help us with this, such as the family Farma Bláto, Amaso, the company Jamon, or the family farm Pesema. Together we have one thing in common -- We strive to make great products and support each other to make it so.

You will not find a fixed menu at the Loreta restaurant; it often happens that we change the menu during the day.

We pay the same attention to our drink menu. We take great care of our draft beer. The foundation of our homemade lemonades comes from flavorful orange, raspberry and sea buckthorn.   

Come and taste our cuisine and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Loreta restaurant! 

You may wonder what would happen if you join a club, but on the weekend you do not get to use the course because of a tournament. We are aware of the fact that not all of you have the opportunity to spend only weekdays playing golf. If you want to spend a weekend golfing with your family, we aim to accommodate you as much as possible. That's why we guarantee that you will be able to play on the course at the weekend.

  • Sunday is member's day at Loreta
  • Reservations for Sunday playing times will be preferentially offered to Premium members and their guests until 5 p.m. on Thursday
  • On Sundays, playing times are not sold for the purpose of hosting commercial tournaments
  • If there is a commercial tournament at Loreta (course rental outside of Sundays), any free playing times before the start and after the end of the tournament will primarily be offered to the Premium members
  • We start smaller golf tournaments (20-60 players) only with a rolling start from hole #1 and in most cases at 10:00 a.m. so that members have the opportunity to play before and after the tournament. In this way, we occupy the least requested times for the tournament on the given day.