Local rules

Player and Visitor Code of Conduct (Rule 1.2).

Please adhere to these general principles of the Code of Conduct:

1.      Follow the instructions of the Reception Staff, Starter, Marshal, LGCPY staff and, if there are tournaments, also of the members of the Competition Committee and the Tournament Director.

2.      Maintain a brisk pace of play (Rule 5.6b), worst according to the hole times listed in the Scorecard.

a.      It is recommended that players allow faster groups to play through.

b.      If in doubt about the possibility of finding the ball played, play the Provisional ball (Rule 18.3)

c.      Use the Drop Zone on hole #9

3.      Observe safety on the driving range and do not hit through the protective nets

4.      Do not throw cigar or cigarette butts on the ground, do not practice swings on the Tees, return any chipped divots (cuts) to their original place, align the marks in the Bunkers and correct the pitch marks after the ball hits the Holes

5.      Be considerate of the young trees (see Local Rule) as well as the entire course and other players

6.      Try to leave the course in a better condition than when you came to it

7.      When using electric golf carts, respect the signs directing their operation, especially around the putting greens, and drive them only on the fairways, asphalt roads and off the roughs!

8.      Do not enter No Play Areas.

9.      Familiarize yourself with and respect the Site Rules of Loreta Golf Club Pyšely

In the case of violation of the Code of Conduct in points 1-7, the player will be penalized in the tournament with a General Penalty (loss of hole in match play, two penalty strokes in stroke play).

If a local rule is broken between holes, the penalty applies to the next hole.

In case of repeated violation of the Code of Conduct in points 1-7 and in case of violation of points 8 and 9, the player will be expelled from the game.

Local rules

Course Boundaries (Rule 2.1)

The course boundaries are formed by the connection of the inner points of the electric fence posts and the white-topped pegs.

All cobblestone paths, the paved area around the Club House, the terrace area, including the terraces on the first floor are out of bounds.

The course boundary is also the right-hand edge of the fairway (toward the Club House) running between Hole #1 and the Driving Range. The white pegs on the path mark the course boundaries.

Inside out: When playing hole #14, the white pegs on the left side mark the inside out. This inside out only applies to play on hole #14.



No Play Areas (Rules 16.1f and 17.1e)

No play areas are marked by the border created by the outer points of wooden pegs with a combined red and black top. Entry into this area (even to look for a ball) or play from this area is prohibited by the Site Rules. The pegs and ropes marking the No Play Areas have the character of Immovable Obstructions to the extent of Rule 16.1.

This area has the character of a red penalty area (red-black top) and the player MUST proceed according to Rule 17.1.

On hole #9, there is Drop Zone is on the fairway to the right at the No Play Area which expands the possibilities for addressing the ball in the Penalty Area (No Play Area in this case) according to Rule 17.1.


Solitary stones in the Field and posts demarcating the path across holes #4, 5 and 6 are Immovable Obstructions (to the extent of Rule 16.1.).

Ditches around young trees are Immovable Obstructions (to the extent of Rule 16.1.).

All paths, whether or not they have an artificial surface, allow relief under Rule 16.1 if they might unfairly affect the play.

A reasonably wide strip along the edges, where clay is mixed with gravel, is also considered part of the road.

Pegs indicating distances, marking No Play Areas, advertising panels around the teeing area of hole #7 and all (against storm shelters, benches, hole markings) structures, toilets and accessories of the Course distributed around the Course are firmly connected to the mat and have the character of Immovable Obstructions to the extent of Rule 16.1.

Protection of Young Trees

The protection of young trees applies to trees marked with a blue ribbon.

These trees and bushes are considered a No Play Area. If a player's ball lies anywhere on the course except in the penalty area and touches a tree or such tree interferes with the player's stance or area of intended swing, the ball must be picked up and dropped without penalty in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Rule 16.1. (Immovable Obstruction).


Match play - losing a hole;

Stroke play - general penalty, i.e. two penalty strokes.

If a local rule is broken between holes, the penalty applies to the next hole.

Failure to respect the Site Rules and the prohibition of entry into No Play Areas results in expulsion from the game.

Site rules

1. General Provisions

1.1 The Site Rules clearly define the rules, rights and obligations of all visitors to the golf resort.

1.2. The course indicates an 18-hole course (i.e. teeing ground, fairways putting green and other areas), driving range, practice areas (putting and chipping greens) and rest areas of the course. In addition to the aforementioned course, the resort premises also include parking spaces, a clubhouse with adjacent buildings, the main entrance to the premises and access roads.

1.3. Visitors to the resort are golfers and their companions, visitors to social events taking place on the premises of the resort, people passing through the resort and other persons who have the operator's consent.

1.4. The operator here indicates employees and other workers who ensure the operation, maintenance, service and operation of the golf course.

1.5. These Site Rules represent the rules established by the operator of the golf resort. By entering the golf resort premises, everyone expresses their consent to be bound by the rights and obligations of these Site Rules.

1.6. The term Site Rules is identical to the term Visiting Rules

1.7. Players are permitted to enter the course in appropriate golf attire respecting general and local customs. Golf shoes must not have metal spikes.


2. Clubhouse


2.1. Smoking is prohibited in the clubhouse. In other areas, smoking is prohibited where the operator has posted a no-smoking sign.

2.2. Golf carts are not permitted in the clubhouse.


3. Entry to the course


3.1. There is a charge for entrance to the 18-hole course. Each player is obliged to report to the reception desk of the course before the start of the game. Fees must be paid before the game begins. When identifying themselves at the reception desk of the premises, visitors are obliged to present a CGF card or other identification document. The operator has the right not to recognize the Green Card, if in doubt of its validity, the person of the guarantor, or the sufficient readiness of the player, or to demand confirmation from a guarantor accepted by the club.

3.2. Pokud hráčem je cizí státní příslušník nebo český státní příslušník, pobývající dlouhodobě v cizině, může být vpuštěn do hry i bez prokázání se HCP nebo zelenou kartou. V případě, že maršál nebo manažer hřiště posoudí nezpůsobilost hráče ke hře, je oprávněn hráče vykázat ze hřiště. V takovém případě má hráč nárok na vrácení 50% ceny fee.

3.3. The golf course operator will record the data of the player who hereby expressly agrees that the operator, for the purposes of operating the golf course, will process it to the extent of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., as amended, and  

changes, the player's personal data obtained in connection with the provision of his services to the extent necessary to identify the player

3.4. The player is obliged to show proof of payment of the fee for the game on request for the entire duration of the game; club members must show a valid membership card. Otherwise, the player may be removed from the game and expelled from the courses.

3.5. The operating hours of the course, clubhouse and practice areas are determined by the current situation. Specific opening hours are determined by the course manager and are posted at the reception or on the course's website.

3.6. The player and anyone accompanying the player enter the course at their own risk. The player and anyone accompanying the player are obliged to behave in a generally respectful manner on the course and in such a way as not to endanger their health or the health of other players or persons on the field and its surroundings. Persons moving on public roads crossing the course and persons moving in the immediate vicinity of the course always have priority over the golf game in order to protect their safety.

3.7. A visitor who is not a participant in a golf game or an entourage may not enter the course without the permission of the reception staff.

3.8 Children under the age of 14 can only play accompanied by an adult (except for tournaments).

3.9. Visitors are strictly prohibited from picking up golf balls other than their own on the course. Entry to the driving impact area is prohibited. It is strictly prohibited to take golf balls from the property of the resort outside the resort area. Anyone who acts in this way is obliged to compensate the operator for the resulting damage.

3.10. Players and visitors alike are strictly prohibited from entering No Play Areas.

3.11. It is forbidden to enter the course outside of the operating hours or to interrupt another player’s/party’s game. Players, guests, and visitors may only move around the area along the marked paths.


4. Obligations of Players and Visitors


4.1. Visitors are obliged to observe safety principles in the entire area of the golf course and not to threaten other visitors or persons and animals outside the boundaries of the premises in any way.

4.2. Visitors are obliged to follow the operating instructions of the marshals, greenkeepers, coaches and other staff and to respect the warning signs on the course.

4.3. Visitors are aware that a golf game is taking place on the course area and there is a risk of injury by being hit by a golf ball. In case of non-compliance with the instructions on the warning signs or published in the Site Rules, the operator is not responsible for damage to the visitor's health.

4.4. Players are required to abide by the Rules of the Game of Golf, Golf Ethics and Local Rules. If these are violated, the player may be expelled from the game without compensation.

4.5. When playing at a distance where the player cannot see or has impaired vision, or there are other participants in front of them and within their range of the game, they are obliged to make sure that their actions will not cause damage or harm to health and act accordingly. Players are asked to play briskly and at a pace for a smooth game. The time standards of the game are shown in the scorecard.

4.6. The player and the player's entourage must be appropriately dressed according to the golf customs (including shoes).

4.7. Only contracted coaches and trainers of the golf club are authorized to teach golf at this resort.

4.8. Players are required to repair cut turf, repair pitch marks and rake bunkers.

4.9. To practice on the driving range, players use DR balls; to practice on the chipping green, pitching green and putting green, players use their own balls. The ban on playing on the field with DR balls and the ban on taking DR balls off the premises applies

4.10. Players must not disturb their surroundings with excessive noise, ringing of mobile phones and behavior incompatible with golf etiquette and good manners.

4.11. The entire space is monitored by industrial cameras for the protection of the operator's material assets. Only employees authorized by the operator have access to camera recordings.


5. Other Provisions


5.1. Apart from maintenance staff, people are prohibited to move within the sandy areas of the course. Swimming and fishing are prohibited in the water of the course.

5.2. It is forbidden to leave children under the age of 10 unattended on the entire premises.

It is strictly forbidden to leave children unattended on the course.

5.3. Dogs are not allowed to run freely on the premises. Dogs can only move within the resort premises on designated paths and on a leash. A visitor may take a dog on a leash to the training areas. The dog must not disturb other visitors with its barking and movement. The owner of the dog is obliged to clean up its excrement. Dogs are allowed on the terrace and in the clubhouse only with the prior approval of the clubhouse staff.

5.4. Visitors are prohibited from any modification and moving of stands, machinery, information, boundary or other equipment.

5.5. Sports activities other than golf are prohibited in the premises.

5.6. The parking of course visitors' vehicles is allowed in the spaces designated for this purpose. The operator is not responsible for parked vehicles or items left in them; please use lockers in the locker room of the clubhouse to store items. The lockers are intended only for the storage of civilian clothing and ordinary personal items that the visitor cannot keep with them during the game, but in no case for the storage of valuables or other items of higher value that are not normally worn. The operator is not responsible for the loss or destruction of valuables or other objects of higher value according to the previous sentence.  

5.7. Visitors under the influence of alcohol or narcotic and psychotropic substances may be expelled from the golf resort premises.

5.8. Visitors are fully liable for the damage caused to the health of persons or property of the area and its surroundings, caused by their activities.

5.9. Visitors are obliged to maintain order in the area of the golf course. There is a strict ban on throwing away cigarette butts and other rubbish in the entire premises, in all open spaces and also on all grassy areas.

5.10. Rude behavior towards marshals and receptionists, as well as other staff, as well as towards other visitors and players, is considered a gross violation of the Site Rules and a visitor based on such behavior may be expelled from the golf resort area.

5.11. Visitors to the golf resort are obliged to comply with these Site Rules, the instructions of the course operator and the principles of safety, hygiene and fire protection. In the event of a violation of these Site Rules, the CGF competition rules, the CGF handicap rules, the conditions of competitions, the rules of golf or the generally accepted principles of the golf game, the relevant person may be expelled from the golf resort area without the possibility of reimbursement of the fee for play or other fee.

5.12. A visitor who repeatedly violates the rules of operation may be denied entry to the golf resort area.

5.13. The course manager, security staff and the resort operator have the right to limit or completely exclude public access to the golf resort premises, if they deem it appropriate to ensure the health protection of people and prevent damage to the property of the area operator or third parties.

5.14. The course manager has the right to limit or completely exclude public access to the premises even if the contract with the short-term user of the course stipulates so.

5.15. Players and visitors use the facilities of the premises at their own risk and are responsible for damages caused by violation of the Site Rules. All detected defects and accidents must be reported immediately to the operator, the reception staff or one of the responsible persons.

5.16. The operator is not responsible for damage to the equipment and private belongings of visitors brought into the premises.


6. Safety Provisions


6.1. In the event of a storm (including an imminent one), players and visitors are obliged to stop the game or practice and move to the clubhouse immediately. Visitors are obliged to stop the game immediately if the alarm of the siren sounds.

6.2 Visitors must immediately report all and any extraordinary events (accident, damage or loss of things stored in the locker) as well as damage to the course or other property of the operator to the operator. 6.2. There is a first aid kit in the reception area for general first aid needs. It is equipped under the applicable regulations and in accordance with the services provided.

6.3. The player and anyone accompanying the player are obliged to behave in a generally respectful manner on the course and in such a way as not to endanger their health or the health of other players or persons on the field and its surroundings. Persons moving on public roads crossing the course and persons moving in the immediate vicinity of the course always have priority over the golf game in order to protect their safety.

7. Rules of Operation of Golf Carts - Buggies

When renting a buggy on the Loreta Golf Club Pyšely course, the user of the buggy is obliged to observe the following principles:

7.1   Minimum age of player/driver is 18.

7.2   It is forbidden to drive buggies under the influence of alcohol or other addictive and psychotropic substances.

7.3   Number of people in the buggy - maximum 2 people.

7.4   Movement with buggies on the course is only allowed on asphalt roads or fairways. On par 3 holes, movement is allowed only on asphalt roads.

7.5   Players/drivers are obliged to respect the information system on the course defining the ban on the entry of buggies.

7.6   If there is no buggy path near the green, do not drive within 30 meters of each green.

7.7   Players are required to maintain a safe speed.

7.8   Players/buggy drivers are liable to the operator for damage to the buggy caused by improper handling. Players must report any problem with a buggy at the reception desk.

7.9   Players/buggy drivers are liable for damage to property or health caused to themselves or third parties by improper handling of the buggy.

7.10 Players/buggy drivers are obliged to pay the buggy rental fee before the game at the reception desk and provide the buggy with a tag indicating that the fee has been paid.

7.11 After the end of the game, players/buggy drivers are obliged to stop the buggy at the designated place and hand over the key to the buggy at the same place where the buggy was rented.

7.12 Players/buggy drivers are obliged to move with the buggies only in the area of the golf course.

7.13 Violation of clauses 7.1 to 7.12 will result in the player/driver having their buggy removed and expelled from the game without compensation

7.14 The operation of members' private buggies on the course and in the premises of the golf resort is governed by the guidelines of Loreta Invest a.s. No. 1/2020.

8. Effect


8.1. These Site Rules of the golf resort are effective from February 17, 2020


In Pyšely on February 17, 2020           

Martin Křížek

Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Loreta invest a.s.
Office number: 1009647296

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